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SpecGold SpecGold Get Spec'd and then become SpecGold. Info@specscrew.com Specs Crew Art on Canvas Add a piece of Specs Crew Art to your collection. Info@specscrew.com Specs Crew Art on CanvasSpec Sketch Spec Sketch SpecMug You shouldn't have to think hard to have fun. Pick up one of our SpecMug cards and show your love and support for Specs Crew. Specs Crew Nation! SpecMug
Get Speced! Get Speced! Get Spec'd process: 1. Choose your Specs. 2. Choose your accessory: Hat, boombox etc. 3. Get Spec'd!
Specs Crew @ Open Studio Hartford Specs Crew will be apart of Open Studio Hartford. This will be our second year at the awesome event. We will be located on the 4th floor at 56 Arbor Street. This year we will have some of our Get Spec'd photos from the past year. Specs Crew @ Open Studio Hartford
Video from Get Spec'd exhibit opening. Find your passion and run with it. Take action. I went from painting an eye on September 1st 2012 to having my own solo art and photography Exhibit. Never Stop Dreaming.
Follow Remix Your Words Everyday people come up with new words but probably never get them heard or used. Well now you can remix your own words and let the world hear them. Check out the blog to see what new words were created. Follow Remix Your Words Specs Crew TV is here! Hip Hop Underground Trail coming to Specs Crew TV! Are you a Specs Crew Original? A Specs Crew Original (SCO) is a specster that doesn't try hard to look fly in a photo. They make the photo pop. They may have a sweet, cute or HARD look. Are you a Specs Crew Original? Click here to check some SCO's out. Book a Spec Shoot: info@specscrew.com Are you a Specs Crew Original?Specs Crew Comics & Animation Coming Soon! Specs Crew Comics & Animation Coming Soon! Follow the Specs Crew on their adventures. You may also even learn a lesson on the way. Poster and prints are available. click to view gallery.
Get Spec'd Art and Photo Exhibit Check the promotional poster from the Get Spec'd art and photography exhibit from August 30th at the Conrad L Mallett Gallery in Capital Community College. Get Spec'd Art and Photo Exhibit
Slim the Puppet Slim the Puppet Endorses Specs Crew. Get Spec'd!
Lego Promo Specs Crew TV @ Specscrewart on youtube
Specs Crew TV at Symmetry Lounge
Specs Crew is Hip Hop Click photo to read an interview by Daniel Warren of CT Hip Hop.Net. Book Specs Crew for your next party or event and jump into a photographic experience. Specs Crew is Hip Hop


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Specs Crew is here!

The Specs Crew are a group of characters that came out of a new appreciation and discovery of canvas, brush and paint. Specs Crew Apparel is in the works and there will be much, much more!

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The community support has been overwhelming so far and I am humbled by your love for my art.
The Specs Crew seems to appeal to a very wide range of people and for that, I am grateful. – Cauê

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